• 50 Year Storm Bells Beach 2017
  • 50 Year Storm Winkipop
  • 50 Year Storm Bells Beach 2017

Bells Beach 50 Year Storm

There was a lot of hype around this swell. The forecast was bang on for days leading up to it and it definitely delivered. Getting there before the sun came up the car park was already filling up. Only a few good waves were coming through at Winkipop with only three surfers out. Good waves were rare at this early stage, though when they did come through they were solid and BIG. The real attention went to Bells Bowl for most of the day. Most surfers struggled getting out through the Winki button and into the lineup with some just being washed back to shore not even making it out into the lineup. The whole bowl was closing out during some of the sets but many surfers got some amazing rides. Unfortunately the Shaun Brookes memorial Event didn’t run this day though in hindsight..

“ This was without a doubt one of the biggest days I have seen at Bells Beach. Last Winter in 2016 a swell came through that was close but this one was more wild. Huge amounts of water was moving around this day. ”

Brendan Boxall
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